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Online Certified Course

Online Certified Course

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Go To Personnel Training, Inc’s (GoToPT) Online Certified Sexual Harassment Prevention Training courses (previously known as CRI training) for Employees and Managers. Our 5-star rated courses meet the requirements of California, New York, and Illinois.  We also provide a General course for states that have no mandated training requirement.

 Discount ends in

 Discount ends in

Employee $11.95 ($18.95) & Supervisor $14.95 ($24.95)

Per Seat Price for California, New York, Illinois and General Course (English and Spanish)

Online 1 Hour and 2 Hour Course

Our courses meet all the legal requirement for the state of California and New York State.

Auto Play and Auto Bookmark Feature

Our online workplace harassment training courses have auto-play and auto bookmark features.

Check Employee Progress

You will be able to check employee progress with just one click and also send bulk reminders for course completion.

Our Courses Meet all the Legal Requirements

  • Our course meets the amended requirements of California Government Code Section 12950.1.
  • Our course meets the amended requirements of New York State Labor Law 201 g.
  • Illinois State Compliant
  • Sexual Harassment Training Course for employees takes one hour to complete.
  • Sexual Harassment Training Course for supervisors takes two hours to complete.
  • For any questions email us at instructor@gotopt.com

A Quick Look at Our Training Software

(Employees can advance to the next topic once the audio has completed)

Top Rated Certified Courses

Go To Personnel Training courses are top-rated by hundreds of companies and employees. All of our courses are automatically booked mark, so your employees take and complete the course as time allows.  Our system allows you to create employee course reports, print employee certificates, send email reminders, and more.  Employees have the ability to download their individual course certificates.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable products and services to our clients,  whose direct feedback has helped us shape the direction and future of our business Since 1979.

Our eLearning Platform includes:

  • Course Price per user/group leader
  • Dedicated panel for admin/group leaders to manage employees
  • Ability to check employee course progress and download employee certificates
  • Ability to Add/Remove employees, change passwords, and allocate more courses.
  • Mobile compatibility

We have provided services to over 3,000 companies with over 30,000 employees who have taken the course.

Courses with 5 Star Ratings

Online Sexual Harassment Training 5 Star Ratings

Trusted by 3000+ Companies

No Hidden Fees, No Expiration, No Contracts

No Hidden Fees, No Expiration, No Contracts

Get Started In Less Than 5 Mins!

Get Started In Less Than 5 Mins!

  • Register for a Demo Course or Purchase Seats
  • Upload the employees and managers details or add them individually
  • Monitor your employee’s progress and send reminders
  • Download employee course completion certificates.
California Sexual Harassment Training Certificate GOTOPT

Course Completion Certificate

After completing the course, employees and supervisors will be able to download a copy of their certificate. Group Leaders will also be able to download a copy of the employee’s certificate.